Does Sanus Biotex Work

Buy Sanus Biotex for Degenerative MyelopathySanus Biotex is formulated to dramatically increase the stimulation and communication between the nerves in the body of your dog and the brain. By using a propriety blend of 100% all natural herbs and extracts – all of which are used today to treat horses suffering with a similar form of MS as well as being used successfully for centuries by the aborigines of Australia – to cure various internal nerve and spinal diseases (most notably Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease).

In summary, Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease or sometimes referred to as (hereditary and motor sensory neuropathy), is a neurological disorder causing damage to the peripheral nerves – which are the nerve cell fibers that connect the brain and spinal cord to muscles and sensory organs. The disease affects the ability to convey sensations such as: pain, temperature, texture, etc., from the hands and feet to the spinal cord. The disease stops the transmission of this information from the feet and hands to the brain.

From this point, the Peripheral nerves become confused and the brain loses the ability to know where to place the feet when walking and where the hands should be placed to reach for something. Eventually, the nerve damage, or neuropathy, causes muscle weakness and wasting, and some loss of sensation. Especially, in the extremities of the body such as the feet, lower legs, hands and the forearms.

Sounds very familiar to Degenerative Myelopathy…Doesn’t it?

As the progression of Degenerative Myelopathy continues, you can expect your dog will soon lose the ability to place their feet correctly. They will have trouble standing up and laying down. You’ll notice your dog lose their balance while standing and may even seem to stumble when walking. The paralysis will increase in frequency causing further inflammation of other nerves surrounding the spinal cord and the disease will continue to progress.

But…Regardless of what you may have heard – You Can Help!

Sanus Biotex is specifically designed to slow down the progression of DM through a variety of ways. Most importantly, the “all-natural” proprietary blend found in Sanus Biotex helps by relaying impulses which stimulate the nerves. This stimulation helps stop further deterioration of the myelin sheath (protective outer covering of nerve). Thus, keeping the nerves healthy, active and alive.

At the same time…Sanus Biotex floods your dogs body with relief by promoting blood flow and circulation around the spinal cord. This helps to rejuvenate nerve fibers and also helps to increase the thickness of the myelin covering which protects these delicate nerve fibers.

Once the “flow” of control signals between the nerve fibers, spinal cord, and brain become interrupted, it is at this point your dog will begin to show the telltale signs of the disease.

We cannot address this enough – It is vital that you start the Sanus Biotex program as soon as possible. This ensures that only a limited number of the nerves which have already been affected by the disease remains the same. Thus, allowing Sanus-Biotex to isolate and rejuvenate the damaged nerves. Statistically, it is much easier for Sanus-Biotex to rejuvenate a smaller number of nerve fibers then it is to rejuvenate many millions.

Does Sanus Biotex Work

Sanus-Biotex has truly been a medical breakthrough in slowing the progression of Degenerative Myelopathy. Over the past 9 years our research and customer follow-ups have shown seven out of ten dogs diagnosed with DM have an improvement in their quality of life and overall well-being.

Another independent study conducted by the Australian Veterinary Board of Medicine, over a two year period, showed a 94% improvement in the overall rejuvenation of nerve fibers around the spinal cord.

These are outstanding statistics which mean, if your dog is suffering from DM – Sanus Biotex has a greater then 70% chance in helping to improve your dogs quality of life. There are thousands of dogs on Sanus Biotex “Right Now,” is yours? Make the right decision for you and your dog and Give Sanus Biotex a Try Today!

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